Joint permission to set up DD on Joint Accounts

Hi - my wife and I have just opened a Monzo Joint Account. I’m in the process of switching all our Direct Debits over to it and my mortgage lender has asked me to confirm whether only I am required to authorise a Direct Debit or if both of us do. I can’t seem to find the answer elsewhere but Google suggests some banks require a signed paper by both parties. Hopefully not?

Nobody has to confirm anything. I could set one up for you if I had your details.

Give the mortgage provider your account number and sort code and then when they’ve set it up, you’ll get a notification in your feed to say it’s been set up.


Hi @gsmith92 & welcome :wave:

Some banks do require both involved parties to put their name on any D/D form which will be taken from a Joint Account. Monzo doesn’t - so long as you put your name as it is displayed on your Joint Account card, it will work.

I’ve done this many, many times without issue.


The answer to this question is “only one party is needed to authorise a DD from the joint account”.

There are accounts in other banks where you can request that both parties should be needed to authorise any spending, but they are not the norm, most if not all joint accounts only need one authorisation by default.