Joint Card Colours in Apple Pay


I’ve convinced my other half to join Monzo as I’m basically and evangelist now, and we’ve set up a joint account.

I use apple pay a lot, more than I do the physical cards on a day to day basis. I’m aware that the physical card colours are the same for brand awareness, but the ‘joint account’ text on the image when it pops up to pick your card on your phone is less obvious in apple pay and I can’t see why a different card colour on your phone would be as much of a branding concern as much as a physical card…

Making it easier to differentiate when you quicky hover your phone over a contactless terminal or on the tube etc would be a welcome addition…

(Sorry if this has already been argued about)


As far as I’m aware, the rules are that the cards in digital wallets needs to (pretty much) match the physical cards. There are obvious exclusions - photos printed on cards for example with certain banks. But I’m 99% certain that’s the case.


Ah, OK fair enough. Makes sense. Guess I’ll just have to be more careful when picking the card when I buy secret presents for myself from now on then… :shushing_face:

(Nick) #4

My Santander Zero (black card) comes up as their generic red card on Apple Pay so I’m not sure it’s quite that strict.