Joint accounts/Pots are broken

If I want to put money from my personal account into a joint account pot I have to first transfer into the joint account. Then because pots are no longer in accounts have to come out, select the pot and move the money again.

You should be able to either enter into any pots from any account, or have pots nested within accounts. The disparity is stupid as it is.

Also the difficulty in differentiating what is a joint account t transaction and what is personal makes the whole joint account experience terrible.

If there are no updates to improve in the next quarter i’ll be moving to starling for joint accounting

You can already do this.

Press “move money”

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While you can move money directly from Personal account to a Joint account pot, the whole premise of pots is now broken due to the Instant Access Savings Pot offering interest. So the ‘regular’ (non-interest) pots are, basically, not worth it.

There are lots of issues here, not just this differentiation. It’s a long list of differences. It’s not “terrible” but could be so, so much better.