Joint Accounts - Home Feedback

So happy Monzo finally created joint accounts! Have been waiting for this for a long time.

My partner and I share the same first letter of our first names so in the Home spending screen the small initial tacked on to the logo of each of the merchants for each spend is the same…

I’m sure the purpose of this initial in the spending screen is to differentiate which of individuals was responsible for each of the spends but in our situation has become defunct.

A simple solution would be to add the first letter of the second name to the bubble but when the first letter of the second names are also shared or become the same this would become obsolete again.

I would propose to be personalise your initial bubble, in the simplest way, by choosing a colour for each persons of the joint account which will then display in the spending screen transactions.


Hi @nickjvr you can also upload your photo to your account. This will be used in place of the letters so will make it easier to identify. We have the same issue here but photos makes it a non issue!