Bug in setting up joint account

(simon jobe) #1

I’m trying to set up a joint account with my girlfriend, but when I get to the “who do you want to set up a joint account with “ page, my friends names appear momentarily, then disappear and it’s just blank and I can’t type or search for anybody. I have ‘payments with friends’ activated, I’ve already used the service to pay friends, including my girlfriend many times.

(Sean) #2

It’s a guess but I think this might be a consequence of the Crowd funding round. Try again once it’s completed.

(Tom) #3

As @swok1080 mentioned, Monzo have temporarily disabled some non-essential features during the crowdfunding. I’d try again a little later :+1:

(Colin Robinson) #4

Like now, cos it’s all gone,

(Sean) #5

Yep; I’ve seen profile pictures and payments with friends come back so worth another go I think.