Coming Back to Monzo

Wow - after a year away from Monzo i thought I’d come back as an original investor - my experience to date has been awful trying to restablish a joint account with so many bugs with my personal account. Not impresssed at all - I had hoped to do a CASS switch to a Monzo joint account but have found it impossible with hand off’s of so many CS reps a nd no help at all from 2nd level tech support! Wow…

Hey, and welcome back.

Do you have a joint account or are you trying to open one?

If you are trying to open one it could be that Monzo have decided they don’t want to offer you one, having a personal account doesn’t guarantee you a joint account unfortunately.

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You won’t get preferential treatment because you’re an investor I’m afraid.


Yep. Reopening a closed account isn’t as straightforward as it should be, and Monzo has some seemingly odd admissibility criteria around joint account opening.

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Happy cake day!

Oh yeah and thank you!