✅ [iOS] Joint account round up pot, presentation issue

We’re using a penny pot with our joint account and each transaction that gets rounded up has the pots picture next to it instead of mine or my wife’s picture. Based on previous behaviour it just looks like a piggy bank has been carrying out most of the transactions on our account.
Details to reproduce:
Enable the penny pot on a joint account and spend some money that isn’t exactly to the pound. The “Home” screen will show the relevant pots picture next to the transaction that was rounded up rather than the person who carried out the transaction.
iOS 12.1.2
iPhone 7 Plus
App Version:
2.30.0 #499

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This was raised when joint pots came out but sadly still not fixed.

It’s been raised to Monzo so hopefully be fixed one day…

ah ok thanks, I couldn’t spot it in the bug reports category on here so I raised it.


When one of the parties on a joint account spend on their card, a little bubble shows up on the top right of the merchant logo with that persons initials.

Great for seeing who spent the money.

However, when rounding is turned on the the pot icon is on top of the initials.

There is no other way to see who spent the money.

Could you maybe move the initials to the top left instead?


Hey @Monzo any plans to fix this one? :weary:

Looks like this is fixed in the latest TestFlight:


NB: I haven’t currently got a Joint Account so can’t confirm

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Cool, that’s good to hear. Thanks for the heads up.