Joint Account Plus Pricing

I definitely agree with the latter part of that. My girlfriend saw my new card and asked about it, I tried to explain Plus and her eyes just glazed over :rofl:

I think you’d need to have it twice. Otherwise the google sheet isn’t an accurate representation of that account.

Maybe Plus for two accounts it’s £7.50, paid by one account and then it applies to two accounts and the JA.

I’m not sure how they could implement it if only one person has it with the virtual cards, custom categories etc.

They’ve made it more complex by making everyone have a normal account first. Their simplest option is that you have to pay £5 each. Whether people would is up for debate.

What would probably happen is the person who wants it, would pay for it on both accounts. That’s what would happen in my situation!

This is the number one reason why I want plus on my joint account haha. So that I can automate my finance spreadsheets entirely.

Maybe they need an entirely new product for joint accounts with a different name to plus to avoid confusion, and with a different feature set (containing some of the plus features).

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Sorry if already been addressed upthread.

Would a joint account get the 1% interest and 400£ foreign withdrawal limit too in addition to the personal accounts? If not that may have a bearing on whether the joint account has to be purchased or not when both members are plus holders.

Edit for clarity: two plus users with joint plus would therefore have £1200 foreign withdrawal and £6k with the 1% interest

Ok, so unless my numbers are janky. Assuming you get joint account plus for free if both users are paying for plus, and that the joint account gets 1% interest on up to £2k;
The total net cost is £5 per month.

At 1.15% for the joint account;

At 1.25% for the joint account;

With the poweruser paying for Plus for their account and the joint account (as I think suggested by @davidwalton) the net cost is higher since the second user doesn’t have interest;

And for the sake of completeness; if you have to pay for plus for personal accounts, and for the joint account;

Ooo one more. The most generous offering. If you have plus on your personal account, you get on the joint account for free;

I’m really torn between per user and per account.

There are features here that can, realistically, only be applied at the user level - a Virtual Card for example has to be in someone’s name - so I could see this feature following the user not the account.

And there are features that get complicated depending on how you structure them - categories - so they have to be the same on both users joint account? Can User A have Custom and B have default? Do my Personal Categories and Joint categories be the same list? Etc etc…

To expand on a point above, Given Monzo’s target/general consumer, and their life stage - they will be seeing the needs of these consumers “age” and I think the longer joint accounts are the way they are, they will see consumers move on.

Either way though: I would say it’s frustrating to pay a fee that still only covers perhaps 60% of my Monzo usage.

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I think it should be the same as most other accounts out there
Etc nationwide is £13 wether it’s a singal account or a joint account
If joint both get same benefits.
If you follow the path (as people on here surgest)
Both paying for Plus on each account to get it on joint or having to pay more for joint. This penalise joint account holders, why should this be the case once you both have the card (one off cost to Monzo)
Most if Not all the other benefits are account related not per user.
So why should 2 people pay a penny more?

Because two people are benefitting.


I’d say the argument against following the nationwide style model, is that they are selling products with their plus account.

And regardless of the account you sign up for, your entire family/household (delete as appropriate) get the product benefits.

You can’t really do the same thing with the services Monzo are offering, i.e, my hypothetical child, who doesn’t have a hypothetical bank account, can’t get a Virtual Card, because I’m mean and haven’t given them a hypothetical phone. They are only 17, it’s too young for a phone, hypothetically.

And with nationwide, all of that is built into the product as default - everyone is paying for everyones family to have the service - but that’s the basis of insurance products generally.

With Monzo Plus, you can separate out two people benefitting from the same service on the same account. i.e. I could have Virtual Joint Cards, but my SO could not, if Monzo structured it that way. which again is very hypothetical

Not really to, with that logic we should have paid £26 for Nationwide not £13 same as single as we did both benefit from holiday & mobile inc.
i could claim for us Breaking both our phones.
but the offerings for Monzo Plus are not the same.
im i going to set a custom cat & them my wife will set a different one for the same transaction, i dont think so.
Budgeting / other accounts / interest / v cards / round ups / free deposit and extra free withdrawal limit is not going to be used twice as much…

Don’t get me wrong im not opposed to paying more just a fair price

This is all pretty pointless anyway since none of us have any say in what will or won’t be charged and defending guesses…well, you can if you want to I suppose.

If Plus were per user rather than per account I guess that the £2000 interest cap would be spread across both accounts and not doubled to provide £2000 on each account? The foreign withdrawals are per-user anyway so that would still work. Similar with the apparent 100 virtual cards per user - an unchanged limit spread across the two accounts?

It could work.

If Plus were requiring an extra payment for the extra (joint) account then you could start to do this stuff in each account rather than for each person and so get double benefits. It wouldn’t work for the cash withdrawals without some re-engineering effort though so it seems less likely.

Either is possibly, either may be viable. I see no value in providing a guess as to which will be adopted. :smile:

In all other banks JA still means per user functionality. For example savings, mortgages, credit cards, extra accounts can be on per user basis.

Ditto all banks allow for one user to “leave” the account and thus force the split. Typically the other user inherits the joint account in such cases.

Imho it is for the good that there is PA & JA for each user. As it allows one to have financial independence. To stash non-joint savings and budget, to spend on gifts and treats. Many relationships do not need drama over who had a shopping spree emergency at lunch time.

In my experience of paid solo accounts (I had a Natwest Select Platinum several years ago) although the insurance policies were all associated with my paid account they all covered people in my household, so it didn’t really matter whether it was a sole or joint account as we were both covered anyway.

Nationwide is only you Unless it’s a joint account. Then it’s the family. But the price is the same.

You could level that at about 80% of the content on the forums though :laughing:.

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I just hope that you don’t jam insurance into the Plus product. It’s great to have an account that people can pay for. It pays your salary directly, and so therefore Monzo staff get to build product directly for the user, rather than turning the user into the product, which is degenerate.

All will be revealed (not by me tho :smirk:)


Really Soon I hope, #needplusforjoint :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I hope for the best for you.

This sounds positive :+1:

I’d love to support monzo with a paid plus account. I only use the JA so hopefully something is released soon