Joint account parity (split from Monzo Plus thread)


I don’t get all this negativity about joint accounts on this forum. Sure, there is no feature parity but Monzo are implementing things at a fast pace. This means there might not be time to initially work on any challenges that implementation on a joint account would bring about.

I, for one, support faster paced innovation in favour of slow progress to ensure feature parity. And I don’t know the statistics, but I’m sure less than half of all Monzo users have a joint account in which case bringing features to everyone should be prioritised once again. So everyone take a step back, appreciate all the hard work. Joint accounts will catch up eventually

Every packaged account I’ve ever seen required you to have the funds in the account and wouldn’t allow you to pay from a separate source. Maybe set up a standing order?

Monzo Plus - here's what's coming next!

It would seem the majority of people who sign up to a banking forum to see/hear about new features, also support faster paced innovation… But right now, I don’t see a huge amount of “innovation” happening (I see plenty of potential development, but it’s not new to banking, it’s just new to Monzo).

As for the Joint Account comment, again, I also don’t know the stats, but I’ve seen a lot of people comment that they never use their Sole Account and the Joint Account is the only one they use (I’m one of these people).

So right now, a huge amount of “features” that are being touted, or semi released, are completely irrelevant to me (and many others).

Don’t confuse people’s genuine criticism/comments about wanting things for the Joint Account (or anything else), with simply “having a pop at Monzo” - We are all here because we want the account that we use to be as good as it can possibly be - It’s becoming increasingly frustrating to see features get released as an MVP (with the intention of developing them further), to then see nothing new for months on end (whilst other bare bones features are released to much fanfare).

To my knowledge, Joint Accounts haven’t seen a single update since the very first “beta” release (something I was a part of) - There’s been no obvious signs that this will change, and the only thing that it has going for it over other accounts right now, is instant notifications (which work well for my family, but others don’t even value this particularly highly).

Appreciate Monzo has a huge amount to develop, with limited resource and time, so need to prioritise certain things… But I’d like to see some of these features really get some polish (even if they are Sole Account only).


Well this just isn’t true. Off the top of my head I can think of the following features which have been brought to joint accounts:

  • Joint account pots.

  • Joint account CASS.

  • Pay Anyone.

  • New Accounts and Payments tabs.

  • New account switcher (with account balances visible in switcher).

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It was perhaps a slight exaggeration on @nickh behalf but still a valid point in that they haven’t had anything new in a long time :slight_smile:

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Should have probably said “significant” update - Although I appreciate the “pots” coming to JA’s were big for some people.

The rest of the list is very forgettable IMO.

To be honest, all I really want from the JA is decent payee management - Something that was ticked off “the big list”, but aside from a slight makeover, hasn’t seen any tangible difference.

Again, it’s just my perspective as a user of the JA only.

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Overdrafts for me. Always nice to have a bit of a safety net just in case :slight_smile:

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Disappointing to see no mention of Monzo Plus for Joint Account holders. I don’t use my personal account at all, so having these features available for joint account holders like every other premium bank account out there would be pretty nice.

I realise it’s still early days for Monzo Plus, but I hope some focus on joint accounts will come soon. We’re now in the process of switching my account from Nationwide FlexPlus, but will have to re-open the account again to retain the features. Hopefully one day I can close this account and get the features from Monzo for both of us.

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Hi all, I’ve split this chat out (about features staying up to date across personal and joint accounts) from the current main Monzo Plus thread, as it feels like a separate - but still important - conversation to have.

Let’s carry on the conversation here, thanks!

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I’m a JONS user (Joint Only, Never Single - copyright :wink: )so would love more features to be rolled out to JONS at the same time as those solo people.

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I think the large amount of people ‘complaining’ about joint accounts not getting features shows the frustration and disappointment of not being able to join in using the new features, ie they are excited about what Monzo is bringing out but then realise they can’t use it. I am one of these people. I love Monzo and how they work and want to be trying everything out, but most just dont make sense on my personal account as all my money is spent in my joint account.

Maybe we could create a list of the missing features and then have a poll on whats most important to people? Monzo might then take this on board in prioritising what comes to joint accounts next.

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This has been done before;

A recap;

  • Bill Splitting for joint accounts.
  • for joint accounts.
  • Shared Tabs for joint accounts.
  • IFTTT for joint accounts.
  • Overdrafts for joint accounts.
  • Loans for joint accounts.

There may be even more now, with the new UI and recent feature additions - a couple of removals from the JA spring to mind regarding the new android beta and also viewing external credit card balances;

  • Show ‘Your Monzo’ (for my profile) in the joint account profile, which shows ‘me’ anyway
  • Show ‘Monzo points’ (for my profile) in the joint account ‘View All’ display
  • Allow selected/designated connected Credit Cards to be shown in the joint account ‘View All’ display
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