Joint account joining problem

Why is my app refusing to let me make a joint account with my partner, we both have Monzo accounts.

My app says it can’t offer it just now and when she tried to initiate it on her phone it just won’t allow it.

You don’t meet the requirements for a joint account.

If you have a search, this has come up a few times lately. There’s nothing you can do other than wait and try again in a few months. Or try Starling.


Thanks pal,

That’s a bit rubbish, Monzo want to be a central hub for all things financial but are not then in turn turning people away.

My credit score is razor sharp, my partners score is sh15 hot, we both make good money and have no outstanding credit etc etc etc, as I see it we are ideal clients for any bank…

They’ve tightened up on something but from the very limited data we have, it’s impossible to know what or why.

Even @Carlo1460 got turned down and he works for Monzo


Sadly it’s just a case of not being eligible, I’m in that boat.

Starling account opened and joint account opened within 6 hours, that’s where ours went.


This is the way to go IMO, me and my Mrs also use Starling for our joint account.


This caught my eye :interrobang:


Lol, oops should be partners. :+1::rofl::joy::rofl:

Fixed it now …

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Nothing wrong with a joint account with your parents :person_tipping_hand:t2:

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