Joint Account: Dual ability to confirm transaction

Essentially, while there are >=2 different cards to a single joint account it would be useful to have the option to extend the choice of approving a payment to other members of the same joint account.

This is mainly for (e.g. grocery) sites that limit placement of a single card payment method, meaning that only one person will get the notification and the option to approve a payment.

As I was reading I thought it was a good idea, but just to play devils advocate;

What if you get a notification “Approve £1000 at Apple” and you’re like “Oooh, it’s my birthday coming up! What a treat” and it isn’t really your partner and you’ve just approved it for a scammer that has your card details?

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Or if you have a controlling partner and they decline anything they think is frivolous


I don’t understand what the issue is with this? If you’re placing an order you can approve it yourself in less time than it would theoretically take to extend the notification :confused:

Or if it’s a trust thing then you really shouldn’t have a joint account with them.

If partner A has their account details saved on the site but partner B is doing the order I guess


Ohhh I see!

Why wouldn’t you just add your own card on there? So going forward you’d have a choice of 2 cards.

You’d only have to do it the once because it would be saved. No need to ever mess around extending notifications or anything then.

When purchasing online doesn’t Monzo have control over the frame which tells you to approve the transaction? Assuming that’s the case could’t it be as simple as adding a button to that frame - “ask on other person’s device” (or similar) for joint accounts.

That said don’t see why banks should have to work around retailers insisting you use a specific card.

It could be (not that any task is necessarily simple) but whether there are any legal/regulatory requirements around it would be the other question to ask.

Essentially the bank would be allowing the purchaser to pass liability onto someone else, so there is an increased risk that things that could go wrong.


I suspect this is the case (Regulations)

Joint Account cards have the individual names on them, not a common Joint account name, so notifying another named person with a different card number may have complications.


@RobertGauld, really like this (quote below), but you’re right it’s a bit daft that some sites work this way

@Revels, good points but I imagine it unlikely that either party would blindly accept any payment leaving their cards so this would only really have utility for things that everyone involved is aware of.

@Ordog as in the text, the issue is related to sites that only allow one card to be on their system at a time that both parties want to use.