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I’m very new to Monzo and looking to use it for my upcoming Honeymoon! I’m just wondering about creating a joint account, but curious as to how the cash allowance of £200 works.

If we have a joint account, and we withdraw £100 from it in cash, which persons allowance would this come out of? UserA or UserB? I assume when you have a joint account, we both have a debit card, so depending on who’s debit card was used would use that persons allowance… Is that right?

Just making sure that withdrawing £200 from the joint current wouldn’t use both of our cash allowance (i.e. £400).

Many thanks!

Firstly, congratulations!

It’s based on who is withdrawing the cash, not which account. £200 per user (not per account) for foreign ATM usage, unlimited at home.

Effectively, using the joint account card is the same as using your personal card. You get to withdraw £200 (regardless of card) and your other half does too :slight_smile:

From another thread:

Deleted my post as you’ve provided that answer!

In your example - how does it know that your account took the £200 in the JA and so your personal allowance is £100 over?

Okay, in this terrible looking image I’ve tried to illustrate :sweat_smile:

It’s never the account that withdraws the money… It’s the user. The user (you, for example) has two accounts… But irregardless of which account is used to get the cash, it’s the user it’s counted against. So however it happens it’s £200 per user per month.

In the example I used in my post above, it’s effectively: you withdraw £100, then you withdraw £200, ease peas. :smile:

Also I apologise if you weren’t actually asking that question, I might have misunderstood!


No that does make sense - I was unaware that Monzo knew who was doing what in a JA but it looks like they do?

So if you have a JA there’s a User A and User B card not JA Card 1 and JA Card 2

from now on please use a diagram on all your forum posts




Ahh I see! Yeah Monzo do know who is doing what with a joint account.

I can’t remember off the top of my head whether they still do, but they used to show little circles with the other joint account users face/initials next to transactions that they made.

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Amazing, thank you!!!

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They still do.

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