John Lewis retiring 'Never Knowingly Undersold' policy

As the title says, John Lewis is to remove their Never Knowingly Undersold promise from Tuesday after 97 years :cry:

From 23 August: We will no longer accept claims to price match with other retailers

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I see it as greed by John Lewis in the end.

As “it applies to fewer and fewer sales” then keeping it for good PR itself is money well spent. It has a lot of fluff about “we’re replacing it with a new approach, which all of our customers can trust because it applies to however and wherever you shop - in store or online.” Were they not doing that before? And actually that doesn’t mean anything except PR speak.

I can see them possibly doing a New Coke in a few years time and reintroducing it.


I’m not at all surprised they’re binning it. The internet made it impossible for them to keep it without losing tonnes of money.


I’m not sure most people shop in JL to get the best price. I think people generally accept if they want better customer service and a reliable warranty, they are probably going to have to pay a little more. I wonder if most people even know what ‘never knowingly undersold’ actually means.


We used to shop in John Lewis for a combination of their extended warranties they offered on white goods, their customer service and the never knowingly undersold.

We’d find something we wanted, price match it against somewhere like curry’s but end up with the extra warranty.

Sadly their customer service has gone to pot, the quality of their products has decreased, they’re now dropping their never knowingly undersold promise.

Although really, none of that really matters because they shut their Sheffield store down, so we just end up going elsewhere now.


We went to their huge store in Leeds not long after it opened

The corridor to the toilets was longer and roomier than my flat

They probably regret that investment now

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I can see that but I see it differently.

Technology has advanced and they can automatically track and update (within limits) prices plus competing with online retailers with lower overheads means this was always likely one day.

I see it, personally, as a high street retailer trying to stay relevant in the days of internet price over customer longevity.

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That’s not been my experience in the Edinburgh store. I just got full refunds for a 6-year-old suitcase with wheels that recently broke and an 8-year-old suitcase with a handle that recently broke. No arguing, I took them both in and they immediately sorted it out.