[rant]I am getting increasingly annoyed with Levi jeans. I find them really comfortable and wear them most of the time (despite being very expensive). The frustrating thing is that if I want to try and buy a pair in a sale online I can never identify the ones that I have (usually just want to get a fresh pair of the same). Even going into the store, they can’t always tell what colour I have and they say that they can’t tell me the name of the pair because of the complicated product numbers etc I have spent the last hour looking through pictures online and still can’t find the same pair. These fit me perfectly and look smart enough for work, so I don’t want to change them up at the moment. [/rant over]

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I feel your pain.

I always stock up on clothes when I find a style/colour which suits me. I have drawers full of unworn clothes which are waiting their turn.

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I always found Levi’s to be overpriced crap where you’re paying more for the brand rather than the actual product.

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I personally am paying for the quality and fit of the jeans rather than the brand. I would be happy to try other brands if I could find any that fit/last as well.

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I’ve had good experiences with APC, maybe give them a try?

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Thanks - will check them out!

I’ve recently found Hollister jeans to be a good fit for me and seem to always have a sale around the corner. They have in-between sizes on most stuff too (33 and 35 waists etc).

I recently lost 4 stone in weight so a new wardrobe (on a sort of budget) was a must!


€160+ for a pair of jeans is pretty cost prohibitive, regardless of the quality :scream:

Levi 501’s are my go to, but usually find I can buy 3 or 4 pairs of the same size, but 1 or 2 actually fit.

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I’ve never bought Levi’s, these days I tend to go for ASOS own brand jeans and love them. Mostly because they do every waist/leg combo so you can get a really good fit and they are comfy af