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Isn’t this the “Monzo” of credit cards? Haven’t people been asking for that?

Unless you are taking advantage of the points/cash back of a credit card, there is little point to them (outside of the section 75 protection etc).

But for those who are using a bog standard credit card (no benefits etc), this looks like a more up to date offering (like Monzo is an up to date offering over a high street bank).


I thought this exactly. Not sure why everyone is hating it so much when it has exactly the same great selling points as Monzo, but is a credit card


It’s not that I’m hating on it I just don’t think it meets my needs for a credit card.

I’m hating on it. Their tag line is ‘JaJa your life’ :persevere:


Yeah the name is a bit odd. But is it Jarjar, yaryar, jaja, or Yaya?? (Haven’t seen any of the videos yet)

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Of course, the same can be said of Monzo

Its pronounced Yaya


I like the fact it’s VISA credit as someone said. As someone who’s gone full Monzo and closed my legacy bank account it’s nice to have in case of a MasterCard outage.


Exactly, I’m wondering how they’re planning to make money. So far all the credit cards give away free stuff and hope to get back their money if you make a mistake (often from the less fortunate and/or financially savvy).


Just watched the slightly cringy video.

Why do you need to wait days to start to buy the things you want…when you can use your YarrYarr credit card immediately.

Although I realise that’s the point of credit, I can’t help but feel like it’s promoting irresponsible spending.

Especially as they demonstrated this point with buying that essential, must have immediately, Amazon Dot.


The “share your credit” is completely new to me, I’ve never heard of something like it before. I don’t think it’s something I am interested in but I don’t think I understand what it means yet.

Obviously they will make money from two sources: merchant fees and interest. (although with the interchange fee limited to 0.3% and Visa presumably keeping some of that …)

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Yuck on the name pronounced Yar Yar.
I like the card design, the front is quite sleek.
App looks good too. But other than that I don’t see the benefits of having this over my Amex card.

Nice to see another Visa credit card though.


As far as benefits go… I don’t see anything being better than Amex - I use mine for everything that will take it, no matter the cost.

The only way I see JAJA fitting in, is for the few places that don’t take Amex, that I currently use my Monzo card for.

But then… I’m not sure I see the point for my personal situation (and yours from the sounds of it).

I do currently have a First Direct credit card which has zero purpose other than to keep my FD account free (as it has no money in it), and to have a “VISA” card in case of emergencies.

So perhaps JAJA could replace that…


JAJA will replace my HSBC credit card, Monzo will replace my poorly performing ISA and finally I can get rid of HSBC for good :sunglasses:

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But credit cards get a greater interchange fee - they should be giving perks, not just pretty apps.


Only by 0.1%, if I understand correctly. My understanding is the cap for debit cards is 0.2% and the cap for credit cards is 0.3%

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But they make a lot more than that because people don’t pay it off and end up pay usurious interest.

They usually offer some of that to people who manage their money.

I agree with what you are saying, but how is it different to why people use Monzo?

Monzo have no interest, and no other extra benefits on their accounts outside of a decent app and budgeting features.

The same can be said for JAJA upon initial inspection.

It may also be that their app/features mean that JAJA customers don’t pay extra fees, because they are more aware of their situation (the same benefit that many Monzo customers have said).

I still don’t see this as a primary card for someone, but it could be a decent back up for the rare times you’d need it.

But there are loads of backup cards. I want something a bit different. As far s I can tell Jaja are a credit card with Emma on top.

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Out of curiosity, what would you personally want?

For me, Amex does everything.

Quality CS
Instant Notfictions
Decent App
Fantastic benefits


Amex works for me too.

It would need something like 1-2% cashback to get me.

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