ITV X - the new streaming service from ITV

Is anyone actually surprised?

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This was annoying me yesterday as I was trying to watch the football but didn’t want to give it full screen. Thought it was me that couldn’t figure out how to hide it.

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New logo/service name is showing up on Apple TV, but the App is still ITV Hub on my Apple TV. Can’t see an update for it either.

Yes, I’m behind! I don’t watch stuff live, and I’ve been playing Pokémon instead of watching it, so no spoilers please! #teamboygeorge

Does anyone know if STV Player integrates with the Apple TV app yet for up next? I’m technically not supposed to be using ITV, but my ISP connection terminates in London, so that’s where they’ll think I am from my IP, and the app has my old English postcode, so it works fine.

What’s even the point of the two separate entities when it’s all the same stuff anyway? Is STV getting the rebrand and new service too?


It’s not politics, it’s just business. STV plc is a completely separate company to ITV plc. Both are constituent parts of the ‘ITV Network’ (which is a different thing to ITV plc)


If I try to watch the live part of ITV Hub (still not renamed on the nvidia shield even though it’s been rebranded internally) you just get a popup that says ‘there’s an issue with ITVX at our end. Please try again.’

But at least that’s improved from it refusing to start up at all which it did last week.

Tried to watch the match yesterday and my app had upgraded to ITVX.

There’s no PIP on iPad?? What a joke.