Britbox created by BBC?

Would you trust britbox made bbc?

Maybe a license will creep in if downloaded over time…sneaky

What do you mean? It’s a subscription payment, similar to Netflix.
In terms of trust, it’s an official venture form BBC and ITV, so trustworthy.


I don’t understand the question either.

If you’re after peoples thoughts on the service it has already been discussed here:

Would you trust bbc? Lol that’s all I asked…

Didnt notice it was on another thread to be fair. Cheers for that

No problem :slight_smile:

You’ll need to state what you believe makes the service untrustworthy before anyone can answer your question. As it stands we have nothing to go off.



It’s now available for EE contract customers. 6 months free.


BBC = Illuminati?


Trust the BBC with what?

I trust them to provide content, I wouldn’t trust them to service my motorcycle.



Wished I’d known earlier - they serviced mine and made a complete hash of it - :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

“British Bike Company” - I think not !! :rage:

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Broken Bike Company :grimacing:


The licence fee is to watch broadcast television, not unlimited reruns of previous BBC shows.

What do you mean by this?

Go on then, @Bolt123, what are you thinking about, which prompts the intriguing question?

Whaaaaat ?? :scream:

Bit confused by this topic as Britbox isn’t created by the BBC.

It’s a joint venture from the BBC and ITV :+1:

My point exactly. And also:

How much money are the BBC and ITV putting into BritBox?

ITV has pledged to invest up to £65m in the joint venture over the next two years. The BBC has not made an investment

The BBC’s involvement would appear lower than assumed.

(nb Wikipedia is not a reliable source given it is user edited.)