BBC Rebrand

I was wondering how you guys are feeling about the new look the BBC started rolling out today?


IPlayer looks like Netflix.

Had it for last maybe 8 weeks on iPlayer, I have the beta version turned on all the time. So it rolled out to that 1st a while ago.

It’s easier to find things, just takes a bit of getting used to, given the old navigation has been around for so long.


I’m hoping this results in a PS5 compatible iPlayer soon :pray:

Indifferent to the rebrand tbh - all about the distribution of funding for different areas getting productions (BBC Scotland, Wales, etc)


I like it because it cleans up the font mess they’ve had since Reith became a thing, saying that Reith really doesn’t work as a font for subtitles when it’s been used on iPlayer.

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They claim it makes it easier to find what I want. If so, that’s good.

But if I want to find something, I already know where to look. Anyone know how a rebrand will make it easier? My guess is that they’ll be moving stuff around so as to make it harder for me find what I want.

iPlayer has been desperately in need of an update for so long. I hope this is a full functional update and not just a cosmetic rebrand.

I’m still annoyed by BBC Sounds. It’s still a terrible product, iPlayer radio was far superior and the rebrand ain’t gonna fix that.


As Stephen Bush from the New Statesmen says about Sounds, it’s pure Empire building and shouldn’t have been allowed to happen

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Now BBC needs to be forced into a monthly subscription and scrap the TV licence.

Although if they charged around £13 a month many would baulk at that over what Netflix and Disney+ offers.



The BBC needs to move to an endowment model as a mutual, and be allowed to be totally commercial in how it sells its content elsewhere. Subscription models for an organisation that is as important for Radio as it is TV is just not going to work.

What’s one of them :upside_down_face:


I’d personally prefer if they did a channel 4 and have it free with adverts and pay to remove.

Although BBC would be screwed trying to adapt to that model without the billions it plays with.

Would anyone bother to pay :rofl:

In the past I was for a reduction of the TV licence to a minimum to cover a public broadcasting service - news, documentaries, and radio channels 3 onwards. Entertainment and stuff, I think that should be all commercial, as should Radio 1 & 2 (honestly there are enough radio stations all playing the same trashy songs anyway).

Now the tories have effectively taken it over and lurched the whole organisation to the right, I’m starting to see that the idea of a politically ‘neutral’ broadcasting station isn’t realistic in todays political environment and starting to think, get rid of the whole licence fee altogether

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It’s funny how the right shout it’s left wing and the left shout it’s right wing

If everyone is upset it shows they’re doing it well


I’m not sure really, although I know there is still a big right wing contingent, I don’t think things like stopping your staff from going to Pride is really ‘middle ground’ for this country. Almost every other company that size I know of is at least paying lip service to becoming more LGBT+ friendly, not pulling back on it as if supporting LGBT rights is a contentious political view.

This is possibly another topic though.

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iplayer looks the same to me but maybe they haven’t updated the apps yet.

Corporations love rebrands… they’ve probably taken on a new bigwig who wants to make their mark (like renaming the post office consignia).

1997 was the last freshening up of the logo, when they went to Gill San, and straightened them up, as long as they leave the news theme music along, we’ll be fine.

There’s been some rebranding on the Apple TV version of the app, but other than that :man_shrugging:

Generally I love a rebrand but I tried the BBC News UI preview about a week ago (on mobile) and I really didn’t like it. Just got the impression that they’re trying to make it look like social media and didn’t offer as much content easily as the current layout.

I’ve not seen the previews for the other services though.