Issues with spending graph


I’ve always found the spending graph really buggy - you can’t view the graph data for older dates (the list doesn’t let you scroll down far enough - it just bounces back up), and I can consistently make the graph grow such that it breaks the boundaries of the screen:

That happened on the latest version (updated today), and the previous version as well.


(Andrew Raynes) #2


I’m also not a big fan of the spending graph, it’s definitely full of bugs and I have never really found it a useful tool.


I don’t like it either – too busy – but it does provide some unique info, like the sum of money spent on specific day

(Jake) #4

Would be nice if we had an option to hide the spending graph within settings. As i’m not a huge fan of the feature either

(Guy Williams) #5

Is this in iOS or Android? I can see this graph in my app.