Daily Spent/Balance graph

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The daily spent/balance graph appeared one morning on my app with no way to close it and this is my first disappointment with the Monzo app so far.

I am an advocate for only showing a user what they want to see especially on a small screen such as a mobile phone.

It is a nice feature but one that I would like to choose to use so please provide a way to show/hide.


Possibly a glitch. You need a full months worth of spending and then it will be visible. What is the date of your first Monzo transaction?

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My first transaction was on the 11th of March. From your response it sounds like a feature of the app what I am saying is I don’t want to see it on my screen all the time.

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If you’re using iOS it is intended design that will become more apparent when the current account launches.

See here for some more info:

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