Landscape Mode

(Darren Hutton) #1

I like the graph view, but it is a bit small. How about a full screen view on rotation?

(Samuel Michael) #2

Hey @darrenhutton, thanks for the tasty idea! We have been working on ways to make the graph better and an expanded view on rotation is definitely a possibility. Once we are able to offer you overdrafts and enhanced budgeting tools you should start to see big improvements to the graph. Thanks for the feedback! please keep it coming :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mauricio PINZON HENAO) #3

Another cool feature that could be added to the graph would be calculating the amount spent between 2 periods on the graph.

(Andy Johnson) #4

Fantastic idea. I would dig this!

(Ki) #5

Would love to see this app auto rotate too!