Android Pay Issue


Monzo is my default card on Andriod Pay because I am using this as my main CA for everything. Just encountered a problem with Monzo/Andriod Pay for the first time since launch.
When I used my phone to pay in a shop about half an hour ago I saw that my other bank card pop up instead of my default Monzo card, probably wouldn’t have realised but it got declined so opened Andriod pay to check and tried to set Monzo as default again but got message that card is susupended. Also checked if I had frozen my card but it wasn’t.

I have asked COop and waiting for their answer - Just wanted to share and see if anyone else had the problem today.


Update from COop -

(Hugh) #3


I had a weird issue like this where my legacy card just made itself default again without me changing it. Monzo card wasn’t suspended so I just removed the legacy card.


Got this response now ;


I hope the technical team can fix this - it’s always embarrassing when your card declines…

(Fraser Kininmonth) #6

Yeah, I was having the same problem this week, Android pay with my Monzo wasn’t working even though there was money but when I switch to Bank of Scotland it worked fine


Did you manage to get it sorted? As above I had to get in touch with Monzo COop they disabled and then enabled my card at their end and it worked.

(Allie) #8

I had a disastrous experience this weekend with Android Pay (not Monzo) - two transactions, same shop. First one was for £75 and went through fine. Second one was for £8.50 (much less) and, apparently, was declined and the shop didn’t notice (I got a till receipt and all).

When the second one didn’t show up on my statement, I called the bank (again, this isn’t Monzo - it’s a major international bank that issues their own cards and runs their own major global payment network) and they said something along the lines of ‘two transactions so close, you might have dropped your card’

  1. I was using my phone, which is locked. Granted, that doesn’t apply to Android Pay for under £30 (they allow that without PIN/biometrics, mainly to make public transit easier I think).
  2. Okay, let’s say I’d dropped my phone - that perfectly explains why you approved all subsequent transactions that afternoon sigh

My point? This stuff happens, sometimes for illogical reasons. It’s especially bad if it declines unnoticed and you need to get the shop to go through records so you can pay them later! It’s a pain to deal with and embarrassing for everyone, but Monzo is hardly unique in these issues.

I’ve got a number of credit and debit cards from multiple countries. Declines are… insanely common on pretty much every one…

(Fraser Kininmonth) #9

Hey Monzoers, wondering if anyone else is having this problem. My Monzo card has been getting declined this week when I use it through Android Pay. Not for lack of funds though as when I’ve used the actual cards contactless it worked. I’m using an S7 edge and I know the problem isn’t with my phone as my Bank of Scotland through Android Pay is working fine.

Hope the issue is resolved soon and that this is of help to the devs, thanks.
Loving everything else though, Pots is gonna be the thing that finally makes me switch to Monzo as my main bank!

(Hugh) #10

Hey @kininmonth!

This sounds like an issue where people froze their card within app, and so Android Pay was frozen, but when the card was “defrosted” Android Pay didn’t correctly unblock the card so it remained frozen and would decline payments.

I suggest you jump into a chat with COPs or email and they’ll be able to take a look for you :slight_smile:

Hope that helps! :smiley:

(Ps. please feel free to let us know what happens!)

(Fraser Kininmonth) #11

Will do, thanks for the quick response!