Issues loading Monzo Flex screen

Morning all,

I’m having issues loading the Monzo Flex screen in the Android app. When I click on the MF banner, I’d normally expect to see transactions, but instead am presented with the top banner then blank space. After a couple of seconds, the banner disappears and the screen is blank.

Is this an issue on Monzo’s side or my side? I’ll reset the app if needed, but would rather highlight first.

Screenshots attached.


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Mine has the same reaction on Android 14, app version beta 5.66.0 - no transactions, then blank screen

‘Bug reports’ added to topic category :bug: :gun:

App version 5.65.0 on Android 14 for me

Mine shows my account and transactions, but the balance doesn’t take into account a transaction from Tuesday. Balance is however correct on the home feed card

5.66.0 here for me on android 13

I’ve just tried this on an entirely different Android device and get the same - tap on the Flex card from Home and Flex card shown (card only, no transactions) for a few seconds, then the card disappears to leave an empty screen displayed.

:rotating_light: BUG :rotating_light:

No issue on iOS. Finally a bug we don’t have.


I have updated to 5.66.0 on my Android Pixel 6a. There is a definite delay where it’s just the Flex “card” showing for a while, but the details (Activity, Limit, Settings, etc) do eventually show.

My Flex is currently at £0.00 with no recent activity shown (not used it for a while), so could that be the reason?

It’s back. Working as it should now. A slight delay between the Felx card showing and everything below it showing, but the everything below it stuff is now displayed, which wasn’t the case earlier.

(My Flex was also at £0.00 when it didn’t work and when it does work)

So… we’re none the wiser. :laughing:

Now working as expected for me (still v5.65.0)

One piece of parity I was glad iOS didn’t have! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a coincidence, but I was kicked out of the app and had to login again! There’s a first time for everything I suppose!