Issue with budgets


Budgets break when using connected account

Details to reproduce:

  • Goto the “Summary” screen, click “Budgets”
  • Create a budget of say, 500 pounds for a category. Lets say, “Groceries”
  • Go on an do my shopping on a connected account, in my case my AMEX, spending say, 620 pounds on Groceries

Now assuming I’ve only shopped with my AMEX, then if

  • I goto “Summary” and it will say, “500 left of 500” in my budget. Eventhough I spend 620 in my connected account.
  • Goto trends and it will say I spend 620 on “Grocieries”

OS: iOS 15.6
Device: iPhone 11 Pro
App Version:


Summary is exclusively for your Monzo spending, and not across cards. This is expected behaviour unfortunately.

Trends gives you the option to select which card(s) you see spending for.

That’s really disappointing. So, I need a third party app to budget across my connected accounts anyways, exactly like my old bank.

Except , now I have a 5 pounds fee for a ‘connected’ account.

Combined with the poor support for receiving money from abroad, I’m really regretting my decision to switch at this point.

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