Issue in taking the rail ticket prints

I booked my ticket using Monzo debit card through trainline app. When i went to rail station to take print of ticket using the same monzo debit card, machine declined and said you can’t take print using this card. I used this in past successfully to take my ticket prints. How to resolve this now.

Have you spoke to either trainline or someone at the station?

The machines will usually release the ticket if you use the booking reference; or go up to a ticket office as a last resort.

Thanks for reply. Yes, i got the prints from ticket office. But my concern is why card didn’t work on machine.

I got the prints from ticket office. Is it trainline issue or Monzo bank issue?

There is not enough information to tell you that, certainly not for us community members.

Have you used a virtual card or Flex? That might be an issue as Flex and Virtual Cards have different numbers to your actual card. Otherwise it could have been a blip – if it happens again ask Monzo by going Help and searching Contact Us.


Card accidentally/unintentionally frozen before validating at the ticket machine?

It’s happened to me in exactly the same way. Only when the ‘WTF?’ kicks in do you think of the weird stuff. And yes, my card had been unexplainably frozen. By me. Somehow.

Like an arse-call, it may be possible to do a MBF™️ (Monzo-Butt-Freeze)

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Feels like something that you might need medical attention for.