Is this really the acceptable norm?

It’s frustrating having a conversation regardless of importance over that time period. You shouldn’t need to scroll up to establish where you are in the conversation because it’s been weeks and each reply is from a new chat OP who hasn’t read any of the previous messages, can’t answer the Q and apologies.

I don’t think just because I use the forum should mean I should avoid using the chat to discuss personal matters. It’s monzo that need to get their shit together and step up, it’s embarrassing compared to the quality received only 6mths ago where you get a respond within 15mins and sorted there and then by the same chat Op.

(I’m calling them trival in comparison to I need help immediately questions) with a never ending WhatsApp style it’s impossible now if I did have a real serious issue to bring it to attention, urgent or non urgent it’s the same timeframe :crossed_fingers:


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Raising complaints and criticism in the app, via chat is the way ahead. This is a community forum, nothing is collated here and thus common issues cannot be sorted.

I guarantee it doesn’t get fed back to the complaints team - unless it has lots of reports.

I’ve raised a formal complaint with Monzo over an issue involving the app and chat. That is absolutely the process to follow.

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My complaint raised through the app chat (which wasn’t initially a complaint) was handled quickly and professionally. Instead of taking the route of responding and helping resolve my questions they’ve just chucked money at the issue. Fair enough.

True but the forum is the public place for raising awareness amongst other monzo and potential monzo customers, monzo themselves can lurk and read these or not.

I admit I was surprised when I was offered a cash apology, it was pretty unnecessary.


Please keep it on topic, folks. Sniping back and forth over differences of opinion really isn’t necessary.


Hi @simonb :wave: just seeing like the loans and Monzo plus, will the threads on chat experiences be / are being collated and we might see an official post addressing what Monzo have been and are doing to improve the customer service level situation?
It can’t be easy dealing with 55,000 new customers a week!

To clarify my comments earlier about “cheap remote help” were due to it being felt like they had been sent an A4 document with very common Qs and As and if it wasn’t on it then tell the customer it’s being escalated, the level of knowledge was sub par.
They were very polite, wanted to help with a can do Monzo attitude but they had no idea what to do as they didn’t have the experience and were gaining knowledge from the customer (which can’t be right if the customer knows more about how Monzo runs than the support).

If they are going through exactly the same training as past support then something’s not right imo, and if they are paid the same I feel for those that have been working for Monzo for awhile and have built up a monzo understanding and can get answers without being escalated to specialist.

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