Is this a scam?

Not sure if Im welcome here but I got this text and I do not fully understand and do not want to fall for another scam

yes, this is a scam


from your other post maybe you have been put upon a list of people that will fall for scams ? you should be extra cautious on all the messages you get now - ask away on the forum and we will try and help


Probably the same person who tricked you before trying to do it again.

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Do you have an account with Lloyds?

Whether the poster has an account with Lloyds, it’s clearly a scam text, as the link is not a legit Lloyds link.

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Yes. It’s part of a huge network - the fact the person/group responsible keeps shoving their copyright in the footer is almost comical, as it just means you can tie them all together.

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Oh I know. It’s as fake as a kardashian.

But if you don’t even bank with them then even more reason to not even read it


If you still have that screenshot, email it to

Have a read of this, it is from the Lloyds website itself

Lots of info how to spot scam text messages and emails, what to do if you get one

This link is from Monzo them self so more relevant

Another Namecheap domain, the registrar of choice for scammers.

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Also, if you click on account in the app, then scroll to the bottom, switch block gambling transactions on

On the main screen, there is an icon, freeze, what it does is literally freeze your card, stopping any transactions, so if you ever misplace your card or lose it, freeze it and then report it lost/stolen

Or if you want to be extra safe, keep it frozen and only unfreeze it when you want to use the card

I almost got caught out by the Royal Mail one because I had only a few hours earlier received a real one about my delivery, then got a message saying I need to pay a few quid for unpaid postage.

Yes, this is a scam, you can tell ny the link - they’re phising for your account login. You should probably check those 130 odd new messages as well :smiley:

It does seem that is the case, probably because they’re cheap. these sites get shut off in a matter of hours in most cases

also forward the text to 7726, which reports it to the National Cyber Security Centre (?)

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Normally … if you have to ask, it probably is.

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Send your message/picture to

Hopefully it will then get taken down