Is this a real email from Monzo?

I dont remember going to minus but ya i account was locked. now i get this message after 1 years.

Doesn’t sound/look right to me.

Send an email to for confirmation


Afaik monzomail is a legitimate email address but best to email the address above to double check and get more details if it is real

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I would love to know how you are £2,260.50 in debt. The biggest overdraft is £1,000 so anything else should have been rejected. The only thing I can think of is you had an overdraft and Monzo have been adding fines onto your account ever since. Maybe a full overdraft and full loan? I can only speculate.

Email (don’t just reply in case it is a scam as email addresses can be spoofed). State that your account is in dispute as you dispute the amount and ask for a copy of your statements. If it is an accumulation of fines, you need to challenge it as a complaint and then the Financial Ombudsman (if Monzo reject your complaint) as you should have been better informed by the time the debt got anywhere near that amount. If it is fraud, you need to challenge it too.

4 Likes is a monzo domain and used by them for email and it looks like it’s passed SPF checks or gmail would have flagged it


Monzo also do loans.


As others have said, it may well be real, but email to double check and put your mind at ease. Then, go from there!

Good luck with it all, I hope it gets sorted.

If overdrawn for a year that’ll only be £182.50 in fees.

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If I had to guess I’d say it’s a disputed chargeback by a merchant.

But if that’s the case then how can they put a default on their credit record, they’d have to go to court and get a CCJ for that , if I’m correct .

But do verify if the email is legit of course.

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Hey there :wave:

This is a legitimate email. We send these out as part of the collections process when we close and default your account. Please get in touch with us over email via so we can discuss this with you :slightly_smiling_face:



Maybe as it is a bank account (possibly loan or overdraft related) it’ll attach to the credit score like that? Then becoming even worse if a CCJ is entered into.

It seems like a well worded and structured email :+1:

To many people bury their head when they get ones like this because they can’t comprehend paying a lump sum in one go and there is complicated wording and subtle threats that make the situation worse.

It’s nice that you reassure and repeatedly state that you want to help and discuss options but they need to speak with you to do so. It’s a nice tone and easily digestible :slight_smile:


Op said it was from a year ago, was there loans a year ago?

If not then I can’t think of anything else to get past the 1k overdraft.

But if there was no credit agreement , then they can’t put on a default on his credit record.

I think without going to court to claim the money back ,they can’t put a mark on the file.

(unless part of the money is from an overdraft, then maybe they can put a default of the overdraft amount)

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Hmm true hadn’t factored that in - if Monzo have had to pay for some DDs that bounced or chargeback (following closure of the account) then I would’ve though somewhere in the Ts&Cs there’d be a condition that said you owed them that money and therefore “in the red”?

They’ve not said they’ve marked the file but that they can “satisfy” the debt - so maybe a little nuance there? (I don’t really know much about these sort of tings to be honest just speculating).

It could be anything :man_shrugging:

This probably isn’t the place to discuss it and now it has been confirmed that the email is legitimate, I don’t think it is going to help the OP at all. It’s never good to get a huge bill out of the blue :frowning_face:

Hopefully they will get in touch with Monzo now and work with them to resolve it :slight_smile:


i did send email but i don’t know if its works or not. because when my account was closed year ago the email was coming up as email invalid or fail but maybe it went through this time?

i dont remember having overdraft or loan. i think best way would be to ring them up when i am free now.

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Good luck with getting everything sorted :blush:

btw can my card still be used even after my account was locked?