Gradual Current Account Launch


We all know that the Current Account Launch is going to be gradual, rather than all at once. Is the order going to be random, or will it be based on the user numbers we akresdy have or something totally different?


We could be gentlemanly and issue them to women first


Yeah, women and children first sounds good :raised_hands:

(Marcel W.) #4

I would guess it will be investors first :wink: Afterwards it might be new users and existing users mixed, but not sure if thats correct.


That’s a given as it’s one of the perks. Just wondered about after was all.

(Marta) #6

I like the idea of women first! :laughing:

On a serious note, I think Monzo should first gather a limited group of volunteers. Fact that someone is investor, Monzo Alpha, or else, is unrelated to being ok with testing current accounts. Actually, only taking a small portion from each group can guarantee that feedback will be fair. It would be biased test, if only Alpha/Investors would be allowed in first rounds of testing, as it might hide problems that newer users might encounter (newer users might not know as much functionality/knowledge wise and trigger different problems or questions).

People testing new accounts should be given high support priority, but they should be prepared that something might seriously malfuction. In a way, Monzo needs to ensure that people testing accounts will not blame Monzo much :sweat_smile:, be moderate in expressing frustration when something goes wrong, quickly report bugs/problems via appropriate channel and in informative way. It might seem obvious for most, but it would be a big fail to convert Monzo enthusiast into a hater. :wink:


I agree it is probably going to be a mix of new and current users however I do feel that option is going to cause some problems. Monzo may run into the issue where current users who want to switch to current accounts are not able to due it being “gradually rolled out” but some new users can jump straight in with no prior connection to Monzo.

I would personally feel pretty annoyed if I couldn’t open a current account after using Monzo for x number of months but a new signup could jump straight in over me. Effectively making my loyalty for the past x months pointless.

Would be interesting to see how Monzo plans to deal with that issue

(Naji Esiri) #8

We’ll hopefully be able to confirm more details on this soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there going to be an alpha for the Current Accounts?
(Dawid) #9

Are you able to disclose anything in regards how the progress on current account is going? Since I am a “data guy” I will be happy with a % representation of how complete it is :smiley:


According to Douglas Adams the answer is 42

(Simon B) #11

I guess that would depend on how you define 100% :slight_smile:

That could be many things, from the production of the first working debit card (Already done!) or the point at which we launch the current accounts publicly, or the point where all users are on current accounts… :slight_smile:

(Dawid) #12

Good point! 100% for me would be the fact that any existing user can sign up for Current Account and safely transfer their money and use debit card…

(Tommy Long) #13

100% for me is when you’ve finished building (but not testing) all of the features you intend to have signed-off at public launch

(Dan Warriner) #14

I wasn’t sure where to put this post but, the “Launch the ‘Full’ Bank” card on the product roadmap has been on 6-9 months since July last year.

As we’re coming up to 9 months…can it be moved up the board to the next 3 months? :smile:

(Andy Little) #15

I tend to ignore any dates on that board tbh. I think it’s more of a rough guide to what they would like to do and when.


Always consider it as 6-9 months from the date you’re looking at the board; rather than 6-9 months from the point that it was put on the board.


Is there any word on current account roll outs ??

Its May now… Looking like even Q2 is slipping.

(Alex Sherwood) #18

All of the latest details about the current accounts are here -

Although this card :arrow_down: is in the Near Term (next 3 months) list on the roadmap -

Start rolling out current account to small numbers of people

(Simon Porter) #19

I thought Monzo were targeting “Summer” :confused:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #20

Curious as to what defines this small number :slight_smile: Though I’m sure :monzo: will have a post about it soon enough, explaining the process, etc. :slight_smile: