Current account

(Nikhil velani) #1

congrats to the mondo team for becoming a licensed bank when can we alpha testers, test out the mondo current account.




At the moment, alpha/beta testers won’t get to use a current account. We would have to wait until Mondo gets the full license. This is because Mondo can only hold a total of £50,000 on all the accounts combined. They’ll start with the staff, and might give out to a very small number of people.

(Josh Bray) #3

Investors??? :smirk: Hope so

(Colin Robinson) #4

That £50k total is a killer :slightly_frowning_face:
Oh well, here’s to M becoming a full bank.

(MikeF) #5

I guess it gives you a trial for 25 people with a 2k cap on each account (or something similar). Still, I’m finding this quite fascinating to watch.

(Danny) #6

Will probably be trialed by Staff > Investors > Highest Spenders > Alphas > Betas

(MikeF) #7

May be, or they may come up with some other scheme I suppose. We may never know :slight_smile:

(James Billingham) #8

And by “investors”, it’d be actual investors, not us crowdcube people :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rika Raybould) #9

Highest spenders is maybe not what is wanted considering those limits. Probably looking at people who are good at providing feedback with a variety of spending habits and would switch fully if anybody outside of staff is to be considered.

This probably shows how poor I am but I could fit all my non-long term savings within a £2k cap. :sob:

(Nigel Laverick) #10

Me too lol. Being a pensioner in Britain today means you don’t do a lot of long term saving. I manage a bit of regular long term and a bit in a holding acc that sometimes lasts three months but rarely more.

I love this chance to really be on top of everything or at least would be if it was a current ac. Keep up the good work

(tom) #11

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m writing a blog post right now with some more detail on the move from prepaid card to full current account. Should be published early next week!

( surohpotsirhC) #12

Glad to see things are in Motion already. Although I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

(tom) #13

Blog post available here: