Keeping Some Alpha & Beta Testers After Launch

(Ben Green) #1

I’m wondering what the process might be for testing new features after the launch of the full bank. As a online only bank, I think a large amount of people need to test it and in a variety countries.

If nothing has been already put in place then I’ll make a suggestion -

By default new accounts should be placed on the live production app of course, but I think current alpha and beta card holders should be given the option of keeping their cards and accounts in their current release states. Possibly even allow new sign ups to register on the beta program?


To beta the new debit card or account yes, but Monzo do not plan to retain prepaid cards so there will be no continuation of beta testing on those cards

(Ben Green) #3

Ok yes, I did mean to say keep the alpha/beta status when switching current prepaid card holders to non-prepaid debit cards.