Is the Monzo complaint system also broken?

I’ve never made a complaint to a company

If they piss me off I don’t use them again

Monzo once opened a complaint without me asking but that’s it


I used to be like that but with how easy it is to fire of a quick moan via email, you’d be surprised how much you get from the companies that care as compensation (and rightfully so if they’re in the wrong) or reply with nice non-templated responses of how grateful they are for the feedback.

What I don’t understand is those people who jump straight onto Facebook to comment on some random unrelated post. The same with TrustPilot where they pour out a super lengthy dramatic story with lots of !!!??!!? AND CAPITALS instead of trying to resolve it directly in a calm mature manner. Perhaps this is why I’m more successful because I’m nice about it and don’t attack the person on the other end who isn’t directly involved :man_shrugging:


Totally this. I think as long as you respect that the other person is just trying to do their job, and you write calmly and don’t get all arrogant and entitled, companies generally get it.

I have two character flaws (ok i have more, but here are two):
-I am too loyal to companies that I once liked
-I think every problem can be fixed

Life would be so much easier if I was one of the “I’m leaving Monzo and going to Starling because Monzo ignored my merchant data update” crowd in 2019.

If you want to complain to a bank and for it to be treated as a complaint, you should say a) explicitly that it’s a complaint and b) how it affected you (ie did you lose money, did it make your life difficult, is it just annoying). If you lost money or something similar it will become a regulated complaint.

Emailing the ‘CEO’ is a bit pointless, their secretary just forwards it to the relevant department. Resolver is a waste too imo, if anything just gives a chance for the email to go to the wrong place.

I just received their final response on my merchant data complaint (when they asked me to submit a bunch of corrections, I spent an hour doing it, and then they told me that wasn’t the right way to do it) and my bank transfer complaint.

They combined the two complaints into one and gave me £25 in total. As I feared, there’s no acceptance that anything is broken, and no attempt to fix it. Being quite honest, the £25 is an insult. The amount of time I wasted on both of these issues, because of Monzo’s misguidance, and the frustration this has caused.

I’m tempted to take it to FOS, but at this point, I don’t even have the energy.

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£25 is probably similar to what you’d get from FoS unless you can show how you ve been materially disadvantaged beyond time spent.


Honestly, it’s not even about the money. I would be delighted if they just sent an email saying: I’m sorry this didn’t work out, we gave you false expectations, and we’re going to look into how we can prevent this happening to anyone in the future.

Instead they said: well, you’re partly right, but we don’t have to do anything the same day, and as for merchant data, that’s our call. Here’s £25, now go away.

In general, we find the quality of our customer support to be outstanding but, occasionally, conversations like yours are a reminder that we still have room to improve.

It’s almost perfect, but yeah, it could be even better. What planet are you guys on?

(Edit: Sorry, my mistake, they did say they’d talk to COps to ensure that staff give correct info about timescales)


They will hopefully see more of the positive stories that are emerging if they do :slight_smile:

I agree £25 is likely the best you’re going to get. I spent the best part of a year fighting an issue with another company and I didn’t get much more than that. The FoS don’t pay you on time, just a small amount for the inconvenience that they keep around the same for everyone.

You’re never going to a reply like that from any company. They’d be shooting themselves in the foot because it would open the floodgates for everyone to make a claim.

This is more acceptable and it sounds very reasonable to me. You got a “reward” for giving them some good feedback and they’re hopefully going to put steps in place to prevent it happening again :slight_smile:

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These words actually came from a business in the reply to a complaint? Or are you summarising here using your own words? I assume you are.

It was a direct quote :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think that’s a fairly obvious thing to say?

Monzo support is very good for most people, there’s always going to be edge cases and people complaining online about them and that goes for anyone else.

You can’t please everyone.


I love your optimism.

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I mean, Monzo support is hidden in the app, and we have confused customers coming on here asking us how to speak to someone.

In my highly subjective opinion, the quality of support has fallen over the past couple of years. Sure, it started at a high base. But I wonder who would actually say it’s “outstanding” in 2021.


Would you rather argue it, stress some more and waste yet more time (as you mentioned) or move on?

I think it’s the sensible way to conclude it all and have some closure. Nobody on here has the facts to argue whether it is improving or not so why drag it on anymore?


That’s certainly not something I would ever allow in copy from a business anywhere, no, it shows a lack of humility. Something more along the lines of ‘we always strive to offer outstanding customer support and are pleased that we often achieve it, but conversations like yours are a reminder that we still always have room to improve’ is far more what I’d expect. It’s a very minor change, but words matter, and while to most people it would seemingly make little difference it actually does.


Your version is much better!


So much so!

“We checked our own systems, and you know what, we’re pretty great so I don’t know why you’re complaining. Most of our 5.5 million happy customers never complain, maybe it’s you who’s wrong?”

I’m a bit gutted I didn’t complain when my bank transfer got messed up, Easy £25


:laughing: I would have actually loved this response. Painful honesty.


I think that is a problem. And it wouldn’t take a lot to fix that. It doesn’t mean necessarily hiring more staff, improving response times etc: just signalling that things were great, we got millions of new customers, and we’re working to provide the same great service to all of them, but it will take some time until we get there.

Instead the message is: things are brilliant, you just got unlucky with your experience.

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