Is Shared Tabs a Monzo exclusive?

I’ve been having a look around and I’m curious to know, is Monzo the only bank in the world that has a Shared Tabs feature?

Not according to @Rken88

Moving to EU country, what bank do you recommend?

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Is this the same? Not 100% sure

That N26 feature works more like a shared pot would, rather than a shared tab. IIRC they count towards your spaces limit too. Any N26 user can be invited, but only You and Metal members can create them. Revolut does the same thing.

A lot of fintechs will have a similar feature in some form or another, and while most do it via a current account like product, most of them are not banks. When it comes to an actual shared tab, Monzo are the only bank I’m aware of with that feature. Other banks with a similar feature are limited to a single transaction.


Just came across this Portuguese digital bank on another thread that seems to have a feature equivalent to Shared Tabs

Yeah I think you’re right, that looks like a Shared Tab equivalent (although you do have to pay a monthly fee for it).

Haven’t heard of them before now. Are they a fully licensed bank?

It’s part of Crédito Agrícola, a legacy bank. You can read about this in the FAQ section but I also found this useful comment from somebody on a another forum:

Have you taken a look into moey ( I have an account there though I’m a Portuguese citizen so I can’t attest to their requirements for foreigners. I can say, however, that ive read somewhere about a non resident opening an account and he/she was talking about it being a nice, smooth process.

Having said that, they’re a fee free account like activobank, with the main differences being no FX fees for non euro transactions, they use the Mastercard rate (activo charges 3.25%) and no deposit is required to open the account. They also offer a very nice Revolut like app while incorporating all the Multibanco and mbway services used in Portugal. They have no physical branches

Just like activo is a subsidiary bank to Millennium BCP, moey is connected to Crédito Agrícola, a well established legacy bank. There’s a difference in that moey is technically just another account type from crédito agrícola, though a segregated one with its own app, costumer service, etc instead of its own bank. There’s no difference in practise really

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