Is My Desk The Right Way Round

Might be a silly question but it was bugging me earlier.

The overhang at the back is supposed to give lee-way for cables and the skirting board isn’t it ?

What do you think?

the keyboard shelf would slide into the wall ? you could of course have put the top on the wrong way around :slight_smile: , what did the assembly instructions say ?

I think you’re right. Looks good to me!

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I bought it from a charity shop for £10 so i’ve no idea.
Makes sense that the overhang is at the back towards the wall so it doesnt bump into the skirting board and so there’s space for cables. Also logically if it was the other way round it would cover the keyboard up by a few inches.

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I am going to say this is correct.


No you have done it wrong, it should look like mine


Obviously I have removed things due to the secure nature of my work

This is another example of how your desk should really be


Don’t know why no one has pointed it out. But usually , in almost every case, those screw fittings face the inside so they’re hidden.

It actually kind of looks like the entire thing was assembled completely opposite of what it was meant to :smile:

There’s screw fittings in the inside too

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Who knows then :smile: at least it does it’s job that’s what matters.

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Yeah for a tenner it ain’t bad. Went to a good cause too

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Here we go again :roll_eyes:

I’d say that the sides are the wrong way round too. Screws should not be facing outwards.

It might originally have been part of a larger unit, that’s another possible reason for having some screws and what look like holes for shelf pegs on the outside.

At least we now know why it was £10 :poop: :stuck_out_tongue:

Those speakers need repositioning too - is that a front-left & a rear-surround on top of the sub?

It’s two lots of a 2.1 joined together. So a 4.2 system

And ordog like in said there are screws on the inside too

As long as its secure that’s all that matters





Or… does it work FOR YOU? We don’t live in your home or use that desk or know why you want a desk in that place in your home at all. Really hard for us to tell.