Cable management

Got my new desk and looking into some cable management.
The cable trays from IKEA look good but I don’t want to drill any holes to mount it

What other options do I have? I only have about 5 cables and if possible a 6 way master plug

Any ideas?

Tbh some velcro cable ties

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Google is your friend, as is amazon

Yup, velcro straps are ideal. Don’t over-think it. The more elaborate the system, the harder it is to unpick when you need to change something. :slight_smile:

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Reminds me of a friend of mine who would take great pride in making patch cables the perfect length, and arranging and tying them neatly in place when setting up network cabinets.

Only problem was, changing a single component would f*** everything because, with no (literal) slack, new cables were required every time. I think eventually he did realise it was OK to be less precise and not have aesthetically pleasing cabinets, for sake of ease of use.

tl;dr, What Gavin said - don’t overthink it, just tie them up with velcro straps and tuck them out the way. My own desk and TV system, because the desk and TV stand are so large, I pretty much leave the cables as they are behind them as the desk/stand block the respective views anyway. The modem is under a table in the hall in plain sight, so for that one I’ve put the power strip and cables in a D-Line Cable Tidy (basically a big plastic box) and the modem sits on top.

This x10!

Got the velcro cable ties, they are brilliant! £10 for 100 from amazon