Show us your desk!

(Kenneth Cajigas) #1

Here’s another one of those famous ‘Show us your…’. Just trying to pass time at work and I’m just curious to see how you guys lay out your desks where you spend most of your time during the day :smiley:

I’ll start… I work at Bloomberg’s newest London HQ building and this is what my desk looks like, what’s your setup?

Desktop Setup
(Andre Borie) #2

Bloomberg Terminal? I want one sooo bad :heart_eyes::sob:

(Starling Guru) #3

Yeah coz he works for Bloomberg :rofl:

Cost loads they do

(Jack) #4

Recent photo of our new desks at work (on a tidy day ), I try to keep it clean!
The downside of where I sit is that since our main office is overflowing with staff a few of us have shifted to temporary cabins outside which have since become a permanent fixture :pensive:.

By the way I work in IT :computer:

(Chris Beach) #5

My desk at home:

MacBook Pro as my main workstation, QuietPC Ubuntu server with a ton of RAM for heavyweight long-running stuff (graph computation on Twitter data for example). Dozens of Raspberry Pis for hobby robotics and cluster prototyping.

Software developer with many, many side projects.

(Jedihomer Townend) #6

My area at work… Discretely angled so as not to show the wine I’m currently sipping at work :wink:

(Dan) #7

Pretty basic setup, it’s perfect for me though.

I work at home as a developer :nerd_face:


But not the bottle on the floor or the copy of Ginned featuring a gin produced just down the road from me :grin:

Cool collection of Pop Vinyl

(Jedihomer Townend) #9

Proud to be a Ginner, rather than a Wino :wink:

That bottle of Gin was rather nice :slight_smile:

(Ian Lyon) #10

I like to keep mine pretty simple.

(Andre Borie) #11

Working remotely at the moment, so I usually hop around coffee shops & bars (have to work late as my colleagues are in the US), this is what my typical desk looks like (drink might vary):

(3 Round Investor) #12

If in doubt log off log back in

(Kenneth Cajigas) #13

Interesting to see that the majority of you guys so far have a Macbook / Dell monitor combination - I myself am a massive fan Dell computers and monitors solid quality :muscle: I’m hoping to get two of the bezel-less monitors for my next computer :open_mouth:

(Andy Coldicott) #14


(Ian Lyon) #16

I’ll soon be replacing my Dell display with the LG 5K display that Apple endorse :drooling_face:

(Hugh Wells) #17

I’m not sure of the percentages, but I’m fairly sure a quite large proportion of the active forum is involved with tech in some way or another, in their day jobs!

Therefore, I thought it was criminal that we didn’t have a thread comparing desktop setups :thinking:

EDIT: turns out there was already a thread as @Jackcrwhitney has observed :see_no_evil:

Here’s mine right now…

(Charlie Kelly) #18


(Peter Roberts) #19

My work setup looks something like…

It’s an old picture, I’m stuck WFH ATM whilst I recover from surgery and complications :frowning:


Couple of months old…

(Richard) #21

I thought my 3 x 27inch monitors were excessive :scream: