Is Monzo working on anything new

Hi Everyone,

I know we’ve got covid in the world right now, but is Monzo working on any new features/integrations I used to be an active watcher In MonzoLabs etc, but a year later nothing seems to be happening not really seen any feature updates since the salary sorter and pay from pots, and no new offerings for savings like Lifetime ISA’s etc just wondering what’s going on only thing I’ve seen recently is Monzo Premium :weary:

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Dark mode has been shown by a few members of staff in internal testing, if that floats your boat


Premium and plus were the main features they have worked on indeed and I think any new development features over the last year went into those.

More linked account options would indeed be good. LISAs are a bit niche (who really needs one?), but some sort of investment ISA would definitely go down well.

First time buyers. The retirement part is a bit pointless.


I would say Easy Bank Transfer is a fairly substantial addition within that time period.

International payments and IBAN numbers would be nice, particularly for the business account. However, the cynic in me thinks it’ll be another premium tier, like Monzo Epic, which has a gold card and priority access to the Leica store. When you sign up you get an onyx coffee table delivered for free. :rofl:


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