Is anyone successfully using a OnePlus 5T to buy using Android Pay?

If you are can you explain how you hold it to the NFC card reader and how long? I’ve tried it a dozen times and no joy. But I do know that the NFC is working fine as I can use a card reader app on the phone to pick up card details from NFC cards, including my Monzo card, just fine…

Any advice VERY welcome!



Yes, it hasn’t been smooth. I tried a few angles and find that if you hold it at about 30 degrees to the card reader (just don’t touch it) , with fingerprint reader closest to the card reader for about a sec, it works well most times.

I was intrigued by your issue and after a quick Google I found this on a forum…

“Also consider that the NFC antenna is the small line above the dual camera, so you have to place the camera above the tag.”

Not sure if this might be a fix?

Never had any issues… it just seems to work. You can pay from about an inch from the reader if the reader is up to it (not all are… Asda’s seem particularly poor, costa coffee are good).

Doesn’t Asda use Ingenico iPP 350s? I’ve always found them quite excellent (not counting the [presumably kernel-related] issues they had with Amex contactless on mobile devices) - I wonder if Asda could be doing something wrong in their software.

It is Walmart, so a few things:

  • It’s fully-integrated, I believe. So they could be doing something weird with their software.
  • They don’t support Amex contactless, last I was in one (it’s been a long time).
  • Their corporate parent is well-known to seemingly hate, and has actively spoke out against, contactless. I actually find it surprising they have it here. I guess they gave in to market realities here. Still shocked they haven’t at least tried to push Walmart Pay alongside contactless (like Tesco has done with their system). In the US they have it disabled on all their terminals, and push Walmart Pay instead. They were a founding member of an alliance called MCX widely reported to have required its members to disable contactless. This might mean nothing, but they might not care to tune it well in their fully-integrated system.

The hardware is definitely capable of very good performance.