[Android] NFC setup didn't work with new Joint account card

When activating my new Joint account card I was asked to place the card on the back of the phone to activate. This did not work. I tried multiple locations. NFC is on and I pay regularly with my phone so I know it works.

Activate new Joint account card. Place card on back of phone. Nothing happens.
Android 9, September security patch
Pixel 2 XL
Monzo 2.17.0

It’s not worked for me on my last solo card or the the joint card. Doing it manually was so little extra work I never mentioned it :neutral_face:

Also on a Pixel XL 2

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I got my new Investor card recently and tried to do it with NFC but nothing happened. I went to the manual option and it seemed to work after I put my card on the back and tapped the contactless looking logo in the text field. The card number appeared but it wouldn’t submit. Typing in manually worked. Kinda confusing.

I checked that the NFC option on my phone was on (it was), too.


Pixel 2 XL here too.

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Exactly the same thing happened with my pixel 3xl. Wouldn’t pick up the NFC when trying to activate the card. Activated it manually which works fine . Running the NFC tools app on my pixel 3xl does pick up the card no problem and contactless also works fine on the card so not sure if the Monzo app isn’t working with the NFC chip on pixel phones properly.

Similar experience with Joint Account. My Pixel 2XL wouldn’t NFC-setup the JA card so I did a manual. My wife’s Samsung Galaxy S8 NFC’d both her Current Account card and the later JA card OK (my CA was set up last year using a Nexus 6P and that NFC’d OK)

Hmmmmmm. Seems like Pixel 2 XL you have to place your card towards the top of your phone, landscape with card more or less completely hidden by phone. I haven’t tried it again in Monzo as I can’t anymore but this is the only reliable way of making it work with an NFC Reader app.

I was kinda just slapping my card on the back middle of my phone - this doesn’t work. The back is metal, the top is not.

Possibly a good place for a nice animation and specific instructions for different handsets? An animation that mimics how you’d pay for something with GPay but swapping out the terminal for your card would be great.

I actually got a main account replacement card recently and it worked!
Similar to the comment above, I had to hold the card quite high up on the phone.

Same for me

Huwai P20

Sorry for bumping an old thread. Saw this pic in another thread and thought it would be useful if a graphic like this was shown in app:

I saw a friend trying to use the NFC to activate function and they were tapping the phone all over the card to eventually get it to work. The way shown in the graphic seems to be the best way, though.


Yes, if using an iPhone. Android devices have the NFC antenna in different places.