Ipsos MORI independent service quality February 2021

Ipsos MORI has published their latest service quality survey results today.

I’ve listed each bank and included what % the change has been.

Sources for data:

Feb 2021: Personal banking service quality – Great Britain | Ipsos MORI
Aug 2020: Personal banking service quality – Great Britain | Ipsos MORI

Overall Service quality

Rank Likelihood to recommend (Feb 2021) Likelihood to recommend (Aug 2020) Change
Monzo 1 85% 86% -1%
first direct 2 83% 83% 0%
Starling Bank 3 82% 84% -2%
Metro Bank 4 76% 81% -5%
Nationwide 5 71% 71% 0%
Barclays 6 66% 62% 4%
Lloyds Bank 7 64% 60% 4%
Halifax 8 62% 62% 0%
Bank of Scotland 9 61% 58% 3%
NatWest 10 58% 58% 0%
HSBC UK 11 58% 59% -1%
Santander 12 57% 61% -4%
The co-operative bank 13 57% 57% 0%
Virgin Money 14 54% 60% -6%
TSB 15 53% 51% 2%
Tesco Bank 16 47% 44% 3%
Royal Bank of Scotland 16 47% 46% 1%

Online and mobile banking services

Rank Likelihood to recommend (Feb 2021) Likelihood to recommend (Aug 2020) Change
Monzo 1 89% 89% 0%
Starling Bank 2 87% 88% -1%
first direct 3 84% 83% 1%
Nationwide 4 82% 81% 1%
Barclays 5 81% 81% 0%
Metro Bank 6 80% 85% -5%
Bank of Scotland 7 79% 77% 2%
Halifax 7 79% 81% -2%
Lloyds Bank 7 79% 78% 1%
NatWest 10 76% 75% 1%
Santander 10 76% 76% 0%
HSBC UK 12 74% 72% 2%
Royal Bank of Scotland 13 68% 71% -3%
Virgin Money 13 68% 75% -7%
The co-operative bank 15 66% 67% -1%
TSB 16 65% 65% 0%
Tesco Bank 17 62% 59% 3%

Overdraft services

Rank Likelihood to recommend (Feb 2021) Likelihood to recommend (Aug 2020) Change
Metro Bank 1 69% 71% -2%
first direct 1 69% 73% -4%
Monzo 3 66% 69% -3%
Starling Bank 4 65% 74% -9%
Barclays 5 61% 58% 3%
Lloyds Bank 6 60% 55% 5%
Halifax 6 60% 62% -2%
Santander 8 59% 55% 4%
HSBC UK 9 58% 58% 0%
TSB 9 58% 57% 1%
Bank of Scotland 11 56% 57% -1%
Nationwide 11 56% 59% -3%
Virgin Money 13 52% 58% -6%
The co-operative bank 14 51% 56% -5%
NatWest 15 50% 53% -3%
Royal Bank of Scotland 16 47% 51% -4%
Tesco Bank 17 43% 50% -7%

Services in branches:

Rank Likelihood to recommend (Feb 2021) Likelihood to recommend (Aug 2020) Change
Metro Bank 1 82% 84% -2%
Nationwide 2 76% 77% -1%
Bank of Scotland 3 70% 67% 3%
Halifax 3 70% 69% 1%
Lloyds Bank 5 69% 69% 0%
Santander 5 69% 67% 2%
Virgin Money 7 66% 74% -8%
HSBC UK 8 65% 65% 0%
Barclays 8 65% 65% 0%
NatWest 10 63% 64% -1%
TSB 10 63% 65% -2%
The co-operative bank 12 57% 57% 0%
Royal Bank of Scotland 13 49% 50% -1%

Great to see that Monzo have remained top even though this covers a period (Jan to Dec 2020) when there’s been a lot of concern (on here at least) about customer service not being to the level it once was.

I have to admit, I was expecting a bit of a fall.

Maintaining top spot speaks to the high quality of the overall package, I think.


Just commenting on the banks I use, I can see why they have fallen. Santander has changed their 123 accounts quite a lot so that is understandable. Also, some people might not be happy with Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks being rebranded as Virgin Money.

The only banks I’ve had any issues with are Lloyds and Barclays which are higher up than both Santander and Virgin Money which just goes to show how subjective this list really is.


Agreed. It signals to me that as expected, Monzo’s customer support is still incredibly high quality.

Overwhelmingly, on average, people rate Monzo’s customer service as the best in the UK for banking.

For sure, and that’s why I think this data is super interesting.

I don’t think it’s easy to measure which product is better in an objective sense. The terms of an overdraft may be better on one vs another, but it’s extremely painful (painful - subjective) to use and manage. Which is better? Well that depends on whether the person cares more about the best rate or a better experience. Again, subjective.

I don’t think there is a more important metric than the aggregate sentiment towards a product though. It captures all of the things that aren’t easy to measure and outputs a single number.


I think this highlights the problem (and benefit) with this forum. People only come on here often to complain that things aren’t done in a timely manner, or getting the response they want. There are 5,000,000 customers, there are not even 500 posts a day about the number of issues with customer support. So I’m not convinced that the support outrage that people experience is really as annoying as some people vocally state on here.

Every time I’ve used support, I’ve had a timely response, and things have been resolved without an issue. Have I ever needed to contact them out of hours - no - will I - no idea. But so long as I can freeze my card, I don’t think there’s a need to really contact them out of hours, as I doubt there’s much they can do it other banks etc are all closed too.

tl;dr - this forum is a skewed representation of what the wider population think of Monzo, and it’s worth remembering, and independent surveys like this are great to see. :smiley:


Excellent work, @danbeddows!

Some thoughts:

  • Interesting that Monzo is holding steady despite Last Year. Well done the 'zo!
  • Also interesting what’s happening with Starling - it’s scores are down across the board but overdrafts take a hammering. I wonder what caused that?
  • Virgin Money is now including Clydesdale and Yorkshire - which seems to have caused a bit of a drop
  • I find the online and mobile scores fascinating. To me, Monzo and Starling are so far ahead - yet that’s not really reflected in the scores. Hypothesis: lots of the list are just ‘good enough’: folk don’t want anything complicated or whizzy. Interestingly, it also seems to broadly correlate (I think) with overall score.
  • Isn’t it time for Tesco Bank to pack up and go home (i.e. flog it off) - or to receive a bit of love and investment?

Tesco Bank is already closed to new current account customers.

What’s always interesting to me is the disparity between NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland which are, essentially, the same bank with the same products and services. Go figure.


@danbeddows If you find the time could you add a table for the branch services results? Although Monzo doesn’t feature in this, it would still be interesting to see the Aug to Feb changes summarised in the way you’ve done for the other categories.

Yep, this has always puzzled me too. All I can assume is that English customers of RBS are unhappy that they have almost no branches left following the scrapping of the proposed Williams and Glyn relaunch - whereby English RBS branches would’ve become a new (…but actually old…) bank brand (W&G), but when this was scrapped in 2016/17 they just decided to close all the old English RBS branches instead.

Edit: RBS’s branch score ranking last and being 8 percentage points below the next worst provider seems to suggest it is largely a branch issue that’s driving down their overall satisfaction ratings

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Guess I’m fortunate. The two places I work have one right around the corner! Not that I use them much.

No worries, I’ve just added it :+1:


I’ve noticed you do sometimes get a cluster of them, especially in London, but in other parts England you might not have a branch for miles and miles. It just depends on where they had branches in their new network, as opposed to the old RBS England & Wales one (which are now all closed).

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Except Royal Bank customers can just use NatWest branches, and vice versa…

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I was just about to post this!

Yes, the brand on the door makes no difference in branch service now - the computer system is the same so you should be able to deal with anything you want in any one of the brands.

I think this is even true for Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland.

I know, but I can’t think why else their branch score would be so much lower than not only NatWest but all the other banks as well? Maybe there are customers out there who don’t know about this?

As far as I know, actual RBS branches in England are pretty nice (since it’s the new network ones they kept), maybe the RBS branches in Scotland are really dire? (Any Scots on here who can confirm or deny this? :slight_smile: )

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Yes, it’s not really advertised at all so probably lots of customers don’t know about it.

I think it was made public in a low-key way when the announcement was made about the mass branch closures but that information could have been easily missed.

Some RBS branches in England are very, very nice as they are special heritage branches (Drummonds, Child & Co, even Holt’s Military Banking) but most seem pretty standard from what I’ve seen.

I don’t know about Scotland.

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I know regular non-private customers can open accounts at the Child & Co and Drummonds sort codes, can non-military open accounts at Holts? And can a regular RBS Select customer be serviced in the Childs Fleet Street, Drummonds or Holts branches? (The C & Co branch looks stunning!)

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No, I don’t think so. It may be technically possible to just put in the right sort code like with Drummonds or Childs, but it is supposed to be military-only, whereas Childs and Drummonds officially allow ordinary personal accounts.

Childs actually has three sort codes; for personal, private and RBS accounts. I think Drummonds only has two, personal and private. I’m less sure about this, but I think Holt’s has two, one of which is the military “Holt’s code” and the other is just RBS Farnborough - the RBS standard sort code attached to the Holt’s branch.

Yes, they can be serviced in all three.

So you can probably walk into Holt’s as non-military, open a standard account with the RBS Farnborough sort code and then manage that account on an ongoing basis at the Holt’s branch.

You would get a normal RBS card though.

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There has been some grumbling over at the other place about an anecdotal slide in CS at Starling

I am now quite long since departed from them, but I despised there chat system, floating heads and the like, though at the time the answers when they arrived were generally fine

Thank you for explaining all that, I really like the quirks of some of the historic branches maintaining their own identities, despite long since being owned by a big conglomerate. Though I’ve always wondered why a personal account at Childs gets you a branded debit card and cheque book but a personal account at Drummonds only gets you a branded cheque book (but a generic RBS card)… :thinking:

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