iPhone XS Max Resolution

Hi Guys,

I’m sure its probably already on the todo list but could we get the app updated for XS Max resolution, I shall be eternally grateful :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank youuuuu!


Agreed! Over a month since release and Facebook/WhatsApp are still not optimised. Whilst there’s excuses for Monzo, there’s no excuse for them taking this long with the resources they have :man_facepalming:t2:

Should be fixed in the next update :slight_smile:

Wandering off topic a little but speaking of big companies taking a while with updates: the Tesco app still isn’t even optimised for the iPhone 6 and newer sizes. It’s still assuming an iPhone 5 screen size.

Four years and counting.

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:mask: It’s ridiculous isn’t it? There are other culprits too! It’s honestly enough to make me change my habits and go elsewhere.

Sky TV are terrible at updating too, and don’t even get me started on cinema apps. Sorry, off topic

They have been updating the app every couple of months which makes it even more annoying that they aren’t updating basic things like this.

When the iPhone X came out, it took almost 4-6 months for most mainstream brand apps to update to it. Probably take the same amount of time.

Hasn’t Apple given developers a deadline of March 2019 to make sure all of their apps fit all of the new resolutions/screens? Hopefully it’ll be done sooner rather than later though!

WhatsApp is really annoying me!

Facebook/WhatsApp are still not optimised

The new screen resolution doesn’t improve anything as far as tracking & stalking their users is concerned, so what’s their incentive in supporting it? :joy::joy:


How do you tell if an app is optimised or not? Is it font size for example?

Generally the resolution of the app on the screen is wrong.

I can’t directly tell you the problems with the iPhone XS Max but probably the same issue as the many apps which are/were not optimised for the iPhone X. They have/had black bars at the top and bottom.

I paid for a notch, I want to see the notch! :crazy_face: ***

IMG_068A19870CC4-1 IMG_6B9B0C6BB52F-1

*** The notch doesn’t appear on screenshots.

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No black bars on the XS Max thankfully! The apps are full screen size but look a little out of focus as if you’re looking through a magnifying glass :mag:

Ewww. How did anyone sign off on this garbage? I’m not a designer or anything, but I think something doesn’t look right:


You can normally tell by the clock / battery / 4G sign if nothing else! It’s a little bit bigger than the home screen ones if not optimised

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Your WhatsApp dreams have been answered! Latest update that just came out adds Max support :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know! It has literally changed my life :joy::joy::joy:



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2.20.0 has given us support for iPhone XS Max :smiley: :monzo:


It looks loads better. Huge white space under the account card and pots though