iPhone X and in-app chat


I’ve just tried to send a message through the in-app chat, but it seems if your message gets long enough, the keyboard is automatically dismissed, and you end up stuck between a rock and a hard place - if you try to select the text field to shorten your message, the keyboard appears and then immediately disappears. doh!

If your force close the app and re-open, the text is still there, so effectively the in-app chat is broken for me. :frowning:


So thats the bug - the enhancement I’d like to request is in the above screenshot :slight_smile:

Also I have videos of it occurring so if you need them just let me know where to put them.

Do you have a few more details on device, OS version and app version?

iPhone X, latest TestFlight version of the app (not the CA preview, the normal one). iOS 11.2

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Awesome. I’ll pass this on for you. Sorry about the bug :confused:

Have you managed to get in touch with COps?
If not, I suggest as a workaround you copy your message and paste it into an email to help@monzo.com where you be able to finish your message :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure the App Store Version is ahead of TestFlight at the moment. Maybe try installing the App Store one?

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Good point. Forgot about that :roll_eyes:

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