iPhone Touch ID

(N J) #1


Has anyone else come across a ‘glitch’ with iPhone One Touch?
I’ve found once set up, when I go to log in with fingerprint, the app loads, then goes off asking to retry over and over again until you log off.
Then you have to wait for an email, for it to happen all over again!
I’ve actually disabled it now as was getting fed with it!

Any help would be much appreciated!!!

(Jason Yau) #2

what’s an iphone one touch?

(Rika Raybould) #3

I’m going to guess based on the description that this is about the Touch ID app locking feature.

(N J) #4

Fingerprint scanner/one touch, same thing :wink:

(Jason Yau) #5

i’ve had a issue where after i log in with touch id i get logged out due to an invalid login token.

(Nigel Laverick) #6

When I first enabled it I had that problem so I disabled it but this week I decided to try again and have had no problem since I re-activated it. The bug seems to have been fixed