Touch ID once a day?

(Dave) #1


App is only asking me to login with Touch ID the first time I use it, for the rest of the day it doesn’t.

Also when it stops asking I can see whatever screen I was on when App switching.

iPhone 7+ iOS 11.2.6



( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

hi Dave

presumably you have touch ID enabled on the “touch ID authentication” and “to unlock app” on the “account” - “settings” menu ?

if you do you might try rebooting the app - delete the app and reinstall might fix the problem :slight_smile:

if all that fails maybe get in touch with the customer support in app

(Dave) #3


Yes I have it enabled as it asks me once and if I remove the app from the background it also asks next time.

Tried removing and reinstalling and in-App chat says same, remove and reinstall.



(Marcel Ruhf) #4

I have experienced this as well.
However, for some mysterious reason, it started working as intended a few days later.