Mondo App crashes when activating and utilising TouchID

(Abu Sayad) #1

New user here. Be nice. The app crashes if I activate and utilise TouchID. It doesn’t accept my fingerprint and asks me to login via an email link.

(Abu Sayad) #3

Here you go - iPhone 6s (128gb) on iOS version 9.3.3 (13G34)

(Abu Sayad) #5

I will uninstall and reinstall.
It happens the first time I try to use the feature.

Exact timeline:

Toggle TouchID feature on
Come out of settings
Come out of app
Go back into app
Attempt TouchID
App disappears
Reload app
App advises to ‘try login again’ but doesn’t register or offer TouchID
Reinstate app login via log out and log back in via email link

Hope that helps.

(Tristan Thomas) #6

Thanks! We’re fixing this in the next update :slight_smile: (It should also stop happening once you’ve made your first transaction…)

(Abu Sayad) #7

Thanks. I’ll try a transaction tomorrow and if the issue persists I’ll wait until the app update. Or should I still uninstall and reinstall ?

Touch ID crashes app?
(Tristan Thomas) #8

Let me know how it goes after the transaction :slight_smile: Shouldn’t need to uninstall

(Abu Sayad) #9

Works perfect now. Cheers, here have one of these :hamburger: :sunglasses:


I can confirm this TouchID app crash bug as well. And also, as @tristan suggested, this won’t happen after first transaction was made. iPhone 6s iOS 9.3.2