iPad update 13.1 - Apple Pay

Just updated to this version and notice that there is an option to add cards to the wallet. Does anyone on here use their iPad for payments using this function? R-

I guess it makes sense for online payments.

I’d love to see someone struggling to use an iPad to pay a bus fare one day :joy:


I don’t think any iPad supports NFC.

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Exactly. But if you can add cards to a wallet, just as you can on an iPhone, surely someone, somewhere, will assume you can use it as a mobile payment device.

I want to be there when it happens.

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Yep iPad Apple Pay is just for in apps/online purchases. No NFC (thankfully!!) for in shop use. :joy:

Apple Pay on iPad isn’t new on iOS 13 - been around for years.

Ok, I have not been asked to enter card details before and assumed it was a new feature. R-

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