[iOS] Minor UI Bugs

I’ve spotted a few minor UI bugs in the iOS app. I reported them to customer support a couple of months ago but they don’t seem to be fixed.

  1. When you update a note for a transaction, the associated table cell in the feed is not updated until the cell is redrawn. That means that if you update a note, its change is not reflected until you scroll the cell off the screen and back on.

  2. The “today”, “yesterday” dividers in the feed don’t always work correctly and sometimes display yesterday’s transactions as today. It fixes itself if you completely close the app and reopen it. I think the issue is caused because the feed is cached and doesn’t detect if it’s gone past midnight.

  3. There’s some strange behaviour just after midnight on the summary tab. The circular countdown updates at midnight but the text doesn’t update until later. I think this is a BST/UTC bug.This might be a bigger issue when Monzo expands to other timezones.

All 3 of those bugs bug me! Here’s hoping they are fixed sometime soon. :blush:
It’s the little bugs :spider: that can be the most annoying!


I’ve seen all three. Again, hopefully they’ll be fixed.