[iOS] Withdraw from pot notification can falsely appear when using bad connection

Issue: If you attempt to withdraw from your pot while the pot is still updating from any previous withdraw, it will show the notification that you withdrew the money even if you did not have it. This can happen if you’re on a bad network connection. Swiping to update the notification list doesn’t seem to remove the invalid notification

I realise this is a very minor issue (you don’t get free money, i checked! :rofl:)

Details to reproduce:

  • Have money in pot, eg: £10
  • Get a bad/slow connection, eg 3G, Bad Signal etc
  • Withdraw the £10 so you should have 0 now.
  • Go back to the pot and it will still show money, attempt to withdraw £10 again
  • Nothing will happen but you get the “Withdrawn from pot” listing of +£10 appear again
  • You can do this over and over, listing several +£10 +£10 +£10 etc,

Only the 1st one goes through. Assume backend fails the rest :slight_smile:

Device: Iphone X
App Version: 2.19.0

Screenshots: In the screenshot, the +£5 is fake, I didn’t have anything in my pot. I don’t know how to remove this.