iOS Widget needs a text correction

(James Murray-Ferris) #1


I’ve only just noticed this myself but on the iOS widget it says Card Balance and in app it says Account Balance doesn’t make much sense for the Current account for it to say card balance.



Most likely an oversight from the prepaid era.

(Michael) #3

I wonder actually, whether the app should change to say “card balance”, because realistically your account balance includes the total of your pots … if you look on the “Account” screen it has your balance listed … ie. “Account Balance” - which includes pots.

So I think it’s actually the inverse?

(Richard Cook) #4

Thanks for reporting!

(James Murray-Ferris) #5

Interesting thought and you are of course correct however the Account Balance on the pulse graph does not include the balance of pots on the Account screen aggregates it

Maybe it is time for @hugo to redesign to include Pots but :stuck_out_tongue: although would we want that :thinking:

(Valeri) #6

Is it supposed to work for clients that were not on the pre-paid as it has never worked for me:

(Michael) #7

I don’t want my pot balance included anywhere, except where it is currently. I want the Widget, and the spending screen to just list my current card’s balance.

That’s just me.

(James Murray-Ferris) #8

And here we come on to being able to customise what the widget displays

(Colin Robinson) #9

I think you need 30 days usage?

(Valeri) #10

Have been client since December, have some reasonable usage and direct debits…


It should be an option to include/exclude pots, as different people will have different requirements and reasons, maybe even some pots included and others not!

(Richard Cook) #12

Correct! Pots mean your card balance =/= your account balance.

We’re on it!

(James) #13

The iOS widget has never worked for me. It simpy states, ‘unable to load’ which when clicked flashes the card balance and spent today before re-displaying ‘unable to load’


That means the widget is crashing while trying to load. Might be worth reporting this to support.

(James) #15

Thanks Andre, I’ve contacted support

(Lee Thomas) #16

I have the same problem. Been using the current account since December and the widget doesn’t work. It flashes quickly and then changes to this. I’ve contacted support and they said they would look into it but no change yet.