[iOS] Viewing Direct Debit Transaction History (if vendor name has spaces in)

Issue: Direct debits with spaces do not “search” when selecting “number of transactions” button
Details to reproduce: (see screenshots below)
OS: iOS 11.4
Device: iPhone 7+
App Version: 2.2.0#418


So at the moment with regular transactions you can see them in your feed:
Click it to see more info:
and then click number of transactions to view all the transactions:
Ta-da! works perfectly.

Now for the direct debit equivalent:
You see the transaction:
Click it for more info:
and then click number of transactions to view all transactions:
Oh, seems that it doesn’t like the spaces :frowning: This is easily worked around by searching manually by selecting the vendor option and then typing it in there or simply searching “NHS” for example but obviously (well i presume) you are suppose to just click it and it actually has them all there.

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